Daddy, Kona & Apres Jack's

Après Jack’s Cocktails & Live Music

Après Jack’s is Daddy Jack’s martini and cognac bar that features Indianapolis’ best live music nightly. French for “After Jack’s”, Après Jack’s is the perfect place to stop for cocktails after work, after play, or after dinner at Daddy or Kona Jack’s.

Après Jack’s has its roots in a charming suburban neighborhood on Indy’s north side, where Daddy Jack lived most of his life.  Life was good for Daddy Jack.  His business was prosperous, his wife adored him, his five children loved and obeyed him.  But something was missing.

What Daddy Jack really needed, he mused, was a place to get away from it all – a place that was his, where nobody could find him unless he wanted them to.  He needed a warm, comfortable hideout where he could relax and reflect on his good fortune.

An industrious sort, Daddy Jack one day began the plans for such a place.  On a cocktail napkin he sketched his plans for a new den that he would add on to the back of his house.  From the outset his vision was clear.  The den would be his private sanctuary, abundantly supplied with the luxuries required for Daddy Jack to refresh himself and gather strength with which to meet with full exuberance the challenges of his wonderful life.

There was only one entrance to Daddy Jack’s new den.  Those who entered were immediately surrounded by his impeccable taste for things comfortable and inviting:  rich, dark, mahogany walls; plush leather chairs; gleaming brass; top-shelf refreshments; and a game table always set for a friendly competitor.

The den that Daddy Jack built was the precursor to Après Jack’s.  The name taken from the French for “after,” Après Jack’s is the perfect place to come after work, after play, or after a fine meal at Daddy Jack’s restaurant or Kona Jack’s Restaurant & Sushi Bar.  It is a place where nothing is missing except the minor inconveniences of the outside world.

So consider yourself an invited guest of Daddy Jack’s.  Come on back for a drink or two, a cozy chair near the fireplace, a spot on the dance floor and the soothing tunes of Indy’s finest live music six nights a week.